Sunday, August 8, 2010

Look out of the window, the world is changing!

When ever I am traveling I realize how the world around us is so dynamic, it is changing rapidly with every second. Whenever you look inside your train everything seems so be static, calm and relaxed, but the reality can be recognized only if you "look out of the window". Same is your life! Whenever you are surrounded by everything that you encounter on a daily basis make your feel nothing is changing, it's only when you go out of your comfort zone you will realize how the world is! So dynamic!!

I feel that I had been sleeping for a while unaware of how much of the world has passed beside me! Let me give you an example:
Today I have attended the xConf an internal event of my company, only then I've realized that where I stand now. once considered as the top notch person where ever I went, proving once and again to everyone what I am.

But now? feeling reluctant even to think about anything I have ever achieved if any!!! Life'z just amazing, it depends on how do you see it.