Friday, February 26, 2010

Indian Defence needs a boost

It is an irony if not madness, on one side we call ourselves as a future super power and on another side the dwindling state of our armed forces. Our forces are one of the best in the world, no doubt. But, ill equipped to take on China. China is investing heavily in modernising its infrastructure, its defence forces. We harp out loud about the 11 Billion plan to acquire Medium multi-role fighter air crafts.

It is time to involve private sector into defence sector as well, like America all defence organisations should have some competition else they will not be accountable.

I have few questions, if any one bother to answer:

1. Why are we so behind in constructing an advanced Tank, why is ARJUN taking so much of time, and are the parameters met in recent trials?

2. What happened to LCA, why are we still procuring some parts from abroad? what is the current state of the Indainisation of its engine?

3. Why are we buying and spending billions of dollars on some scrap like Admiral Gorshkov.

4. Why don't we compel the equipment providers for Technology transfer of joint research and development.

5. Why can't we involve private players and provide incentives for innovative designs?

Forget about conventional war? Our state of affairs is really pitiable if it comes to non-conventional wars.

Are we ready or can imagine a Cyber-war? Sadly this question sounds like a joke!!